Who Are We?_

We are a group of experienced developers and talented graphic designers with one goal in mind. To create a unique online presence for you or your business.

Unique Ideas

Most websites look alike. We promise yours won't. We will design and develop an astonishing website that stands out.

Design & interface

With the use of latest technologies, we guarantee that our creations are universal and easy to use for both clients and users.

Coding & development

Careful attention to detail and well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.

Dedicated support

We will continuously test and fine-tune our creations until all bugs and glitches are removed.


Web Design

With the use of the latest technologies and design techniques in the industry, we will create a beautiful website that speaks for you and your brand across all devices.


Expand your business. Reach more customers. Let them shop from the comfort of their homes. We can set up an intuitive online store that is easy to use for your customers and accepts all major payment methods.


Increase the popularity and visibility of your site in search engines. Your site will be meticulously coded and tweaked to make it the most relevant in search results, helping you reach more visitors.

Graphic Design

A picture says a thousand words. So, will your site! From logos, graphics, icons and photos, our talented graphic designers will make sure your site is breathtaking.



Responsive Design

Your website will adapt to all devices and screen sizes so it looks astonishing to all your visitors and provides them with a smooth user experience.


Speed & Optimazation

Fast as lightning! With the use of the latest image compression and code optimization techniques, we will ensure that your visitors will spend less time on loading screens and more time viewing your content.


Fully Customizable

Your website can be fully customized to adapt to your business as it grows, gaining an E/DGE_ over your competition.


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    My new website complements my work so well. Love the attention to detail!
    Samantha Couture
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    Love my new website! excellent work from the team. super professional!
    Juan P. Osorio
    Updating site with new content!

Contact Us_

We are adding more to this page to show you how great we are and how our creative process works. In the meantime if you have any questions about E/DGE_, Send us a message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

About E/DGE_

We are a group of experienced developers and talented graphic designers with one goal in mind. Create an unique online presence for you or your business.

Email: mail@edgeto.ca